Simple Elegance

Overhead Fabric and Lights make any indoor event magical. This package will make your event unforgettable.

Starting at $499

Included in this Package

  • 8 5ftx60ft White Chiffon overhead fabric Pieces (Will Cover the Ceiling of a Standard Church gym (40ft x 60 ft.) with 2 ft spacing between fabric segments or for a stake center sized area (100ft x 50ft) with 5 ft spacing between fabric segments.(Additional Costs for more pieces of fabric or complete overhead coverage. 

  • 8 Runs of Bistro Lights (A run is a strand 40ft to 60ft long) Located in between each fabric segment 

  • Add 1 Pipe and Drape Backdrop with mini lights Or Chinese Lanterns For only $50

  • For Only an additional $300 cover the walls completely of a church gym or a 40'X 60' area with white fabric.

(Extra Charges may apply for anchor installation or backyard events.)

Install, and Take Down  Included in Price. Travel not included.